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beaner21's Journal

25 August 1985

THE GIRL: Leslie. 22. Female. Natural blonde. New Yorker. College student. Pharmacy employee. Obsessed with Matchbox 20. Likes to have fun. Opinionated. Always trying to make people laugh. Shy. Abercrombie & Fitch slut. Trouble Maker. Collects designer vinyl toys. Anti-Serious. Called a bitch/cunt by some. Awesome in general.

SHE LOVES: My cat. Rob Thomas. AJ McLean. Ewan McGregor. Pop music. Bagels. Abercrombie & Fitch. Stuffed animals. Family Guy. Shopping. eBay. Christian Kane. Naps. Kidrobot. Fresh out of the dryer sheets. Mutts comics. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Joe Ledbetter. New York City. Dunnys. Coach. Steve McQueen. Walt Disney World. Grand Theft Auto Games. Nip/Tuck. Day trips with friends. Hot dogs. Sleeping in. Animals. Going to concerts. Hugs. Piggy back rides. Cuddling. My iPod. Scrapbooking. Halo. Poker.

SHE DISLIKES: Liars. School. Spiders. Driving on crappy winter days. When I feel fat. People who don't know how to take jokes. Being sick. When people smoke in places I'm trying to walk through. Most Hardcore Kids. When a good song gets overplayed. When a person acts better than you because they like some band you've never heard of. Having to put gas in my car. Having my heart broken. Sexist people. Loud people. Animal Cruelty. Fight Club. The movie/musical RENT. Taylor Hicks.

THE MUSIC: Matchbox 20. Daughtry. Craig David. Gavin DeGraw. Ryan Cabrera. Metallica. New Found Glory. Johnny Cash. Fall Out Boy. Something Corporate. The Beatles. Christina Aguilera. Third Eye Blind. Goo Goo Dolls. Cream. Backstreet Boys. Incubus. Ghostface (Killah). Justin Timberlake. Yellowcard. Green Day. The Rolling Stones. Queen. Cartel. Everclear. Oasis. Led Zeppelin.

THE MOVIES: Moulin Rouge. Gladiator. Trainspotting. This is Spinal Tap. Some like it Hot. Toy Story 2. Can't Hardly Wait. Legally Blonde. The Emperors New Groove. Se7en. Pirates of the Caribbean. Down with Love. Closer. Detroit Rock City. Amadeus. The Island. Indiana Jones. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Troy. The Phantom of the Opera. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Blow. Robots. Gangs of New York. Snatch.

THE TV: Nip/Tuck.

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