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My poor Kitty

A few days I noticed my cat was limping. I thought maybe she had gotten her claw stuck to the rug or something and that she just hurt her paw. Well the limp went away and she seemed fine. Then a day or two after that I noticed that she had a crusty/lumpy area in her fur down near her tail. I thought maybe she had gotten something sticky in it cause she didn't seem like it hurt. Well anyways Friday night I was petting her and I got down near that crusty area and she was growling and hissing at me. She doesn't usually do that. I also noticed she was acting funny, sitting funny, and acting groggy.

Saturday morning I tell my parents about it and we took her to the vets and the guy said she had an infected bite wound and he would have to shave her fur back there and attach a drain to her back for a few days or the wound would never heal.

My poor kitty! He said we could pick her up Monday. When he was taking her out of the room I felt bad. I just wanted to pet her because I bet she was scared.

So we pick her up tomorrow around lunch time and then bring her back Wednesday so he can take out the drain.

I've missed her so much. I'm just so use to her being here at night and sleeping with me and it's weird not having her there.

I'm thankful it's something fixable and that she'll be fine.

Get better soon Kitty!
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